Personal Experience

Meet Salma AI, your intelligent financial companion, ready to assist you with your banking needs at any time of the day. Whether you're looking to review your spending, manage bills, or perform transactions, Salma AI is equipped to provide a seamless and intuitive banking experience.

Our interface, designed for ease and personalization, ensures that all your financial services are just a tap away. Welcome to a brighter financial future, where convenience and control are at the forefront of your banking journey.

Bill Payments

Effortlessly manage and pay your bills with Salma AI's organized bill payment feature. Displayed on your screen are your current saved bills, each with a convenient 'Pay' option for immediate settlement and a 'Details' button for bill specifics. Whether it's your water bill or mobile charges, handling your financial obligations has never been more straightforward.

With options to 'Pay All' or 'Add new bill', Salma AI ensures that keeping track of your expenses is both simple and efficient, giving you more time to enjoy life without worrying about due dates.

Salma AI VFA bill payment screen

Cards Management

Before you travel to space, ask you bank which credit card works for alians. Apply to a new card or manage your existing card. It’s simple, just say it. Discover the ideal credit card for your lifestyle with Salma AI's smart recommendations. Asking "Which credit card is best for travel?" triggers Salma AI to present top-tier options like Visa Infinite and Platinum, tailored to enhance your travel experience with benefits and rewards.

With the ease of 'Apply for a credit card' or 'Stop my credit card' options, Salma AI streamlines your financial management directly from your device, ensuring that the perfect travel companion is always within reach.

Salma AI VFA cards screen


Salma AI simplifies your banking transactions with a seamless transfer interface. Command your virtual assistant to move funds, like transferring a specific amount from your salary to savings account, and it promptly displays a summary for confirmation. With clear, real-time account balances and a straightforward two-step confirmation process, managing your money is both secure and effortless.

Salma AI is your reliable partner for financial transactions, providing clarity and control over your funds with just a few taps or voice commands.

Salma AI VFA transfers screen

Currency exchange

Navigate your finances globally with Salma AI's currency conversion tool, which supports a wide range of currencies for immediate and accurate exchange rate information.

Whether you're planning travel, overseas transactions, or just keeping an eye on the exchange market, Salma AI delivers the financial agility you need at your fingertips.

Salma AI VFA currency exchange screen

Branches and ATMs

Why would you want to go to a branch when you have Salma AI, anyway, if you insist, just ask where to deposit a cheque, which branch is currently opened, and how to get there. Salma AI's VFA ensures you're never far from your financial touchpoints. With a simple query, you can locate the nearest bank branch or ATM that fits your specific banking needs, whether it's for cash withdrawal, cheque deposits, or full-service transactions.

This feature is designed for on-the-go convenience, providing directions and saving you time. Salma AI connects you to your bank's physical resources efficiently, making banking more accessible no matter where you are.

Salma AI VFA find the nearest branch or ATM screen

Frequently asked questions

You can ask your VFA anything. You can ask how to get a loan, get a credit card or how to to travel to space, OK, space travel is not included in our FAQs yet. With Salma AI's VFA, answers to frequently asked questions are just a voice command away, bypassing the need to search through websites or wait on hold for bank call centers.

This efficient feature saves time and enhances user experience by providing instant, accurate information on a range of common inquiries, directly through your banking app. Salma AI streamlines access to crucial information, making banking support more immediate and user friendly.

Salma AI VFA frequently asked questions screen