An AI technology that understands banking from day one

Embrace unparalleled efficiency with Salma AI's dedicated consumer banking platform, where every facet of your banking operation is harmonized under one roof. Our platform promises seamless integration, providing a unified experience that spans from customer engagement to backend management. Enjoy the power of streamlined processes and the simplicity of a single system that offers:

Detailed Salma AI platform technologies
Salma AI banking domain front-to-back technology stack

Uniform Customer Experience

Delivering a consistent user journey across all banking channels, fostering trust and satisfaction.

Streamlined Compliance

Custom-designed to adhere to banking regulations, simplifying governance, and mitigating risks with ease.

Streamlined Compliance

Custom-designed to adhere to banking regulations, simplifying governance, and mitigating risks with ease.

Operational Cost Savings

Reducing the complexity and expense of multi-system maintenance, giving you more room to invest in growth.

Rapid Innovation

Our platform's sole focus on consumer banking means you're always at the cutting edge, ready to adapt swiftly to the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Tailored Security Measures

With security protocols designed specifically for the banking industry, your data, and your customers' privacy are safeguarded by the most robust measures.

Salma AI platform is a strategic asset that aligns with the specific rhythms of the consumer banking world, offering a synergy that transforms the banking experience.


Mobile Apps Software Development Kits (SDK)

Salma AI’s comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK) forms a core component of our technology stack, offering developers the tools needed to seamlessly integrate our Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA) into existing mobile banking applications.

The SDK is meticulously designed to be flexible and user-friendly, ensuring that incorporating our AI-powered capabilities into your banking app is a smooth and straightforward process.

With our SDK, developers can:

Customize with Ease

Tailor the VFA to align with your brand identity and meet your specific operational needs, providing a unique experience for your customers.

Integrate Quickly

Speed up the deployment of Salma AI VFA functionalities into your mobile apps with our well-documented and easy-to-understand SDK.

Enhance User Interaction

Speed up the deployment of Salma AI VFA functionalities into your mobile apps with our well-documented and easy-to-understand SDK.

Achieve Consistency

Ensure consistent functionality across different platforms and devices, providing a uniform experience that customers can rely on.

Maintain Security

Built with the highest security standards, our SDK ensures that all integrations are secure, safeguarding user data and maintaining trust.

Salma AI VFA SDKs supports multiple app operating system platformsSalma AI VFA SDK

Our SDK empowers your financial institution to innovate rapidly, stay ahead of the curve, and deliver exceptional value to your customers, enhancing engagement and satisfaction. With Salma AI's SDK, the future of banking is in your hands.


Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Salma AI's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system is meticulously tailored and optimized for the banking sector. Built on a foundation of domain-specific conversations, it offers exceptional accuracy in understanding and processing banking-related queries and commands.

Here's how our specialized focus benefits your financial services:

Banking-Specific Training

Our ASR is not just any speech recognition system; it's trained exclusively on banking dialogues, from routine transactions to complex financial inquiries, ensuring a deeper understanding of customer needs.

Enhanced Accuracy

By focusing on the language and terminologies unique to banking, Salma AI's ASR minimizes errors and misunderstandings, providing customers with a reliable voice interface for their financial interactions.

Efficient Service

The precision of our banking-centric ASR translates to quicker resolution of queries, allowing customers to perform transactions and access information swiftly and accurately.

Intuitive User Experience

Customers can speak naturally, using the terms and phrases common in banking, making their interaction with the VFA as easy as conversing with a bank teller.

Continuous Learning

With every interaction, our ASR system further refines its understanding of banking language, leading to an ever-improving service for an expanding array of customer queries and requests.

Multilingual and Inclusive

Salma AI's ASR supports multiple languages, ensuring that it serves a diverse customer base, recognizing and interpreting a variety of dialects and accents within the banking context.

Secure and Compliant:

Tailored for the banking environment, our ASR incorporates strict security measures to handle sensitive financial data, adhering to industry regulations and privacy standards.

Incorporating Salma AI's specialized ASR into your banking applications positions you at the forefront of financial technology, where accuracy, efficiency, and user satisfaction are paramount.


Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

At Salma AI, our cutting-edge Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine is meticulously crafted to cater to the intricate needs of the banking industry.

Trained on an extensive corpus of banking-specific utterances, our NLU technology demonstrates a superior comprehension of financial dialogues, far surpassing the capabilities of general domain NLU systems.

Here's what sets Salma AI's NLU apart:

Banking-Specific Intelligence

By immersing our NLU in the realm of banking, we've honed its ability to decipher a vast array of financial interactions with remarkable precision, from discerning nuanced customer requests to understanding complex financial terminology.

Multilayered Understanding

Our NLU architecture is constructed with multiple layers of analysis to ensure no user intent goes unrecognized. This multilayered approach guarantees a deeper understanding of context, sentiment, and intent, enabling Salma AI to respond with accuracy and relevance.

Swift and Accurate Responses

Speed is of the essence in customer service. Salma AI's NLU combines its comprehensive understanding with rapid response capabilities, delivering swift and precise answers to customer queries without unnecessary delay.

Advanced AI and LLM Integration

Utilizing the latest advancements in General AI and Large Language Models, our NLU engine is at the cutting edge of technology. This integration provides the flexibility to understand and learn from a wide range of interactions while maintaining a focus on banking-specific communications.

Zero Tolerance for Errors

In the banking industry, there is no room for error. Salma AI's NLU is engineered with a zero-tolerance policy for hallucinations—erroneous or fabricated responses—ensuring that the information provided is always accurate and reliable.

Tailored for the Banking Sector

Our NLU doesn't just understand language; it understands banking. It's a perfect fit for financial institutions seeking an AI solution that can navigate the complexities of the industry with unmatched expertise.

By choosing Salma AI's NLU for your banking applications, you're opting for an AI that doesn't just communicate but truly understands, providing a foundation for trust and reliability in your digital customer interactions.


Text-To-Speech (TTS)

Salma AI's Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology is a gamechanger in the realm of financial communication, offering a voice to the digital banking experience that is both engaging and natural.

Here’s why our TTS stands out:

Lifelike Vocalizations

Our TTS engine produces speech that is clear, natural, and indistinguishable from a human voice, making digital interactions more relatable and pleasant for users.

Banking-Tailored Diction

Tailored to the banking industry, our TTS understands the correct pronunciation of financial terminology and jargon, ensuring that all information is conveyed correctly and professionally.

Adaptive Intonation

The TTS system is designed to adapt its intonation based on the context of the conversation, providing a dynamic and empathetic spoken response that enhances user experience.

Multilingual Capabilities

Reflecting the global nature of finance, our TTS supports multiple languages and dialects, enabling banks to serve a diverse customer base with the same level of clarity and accuracy.

Rapid Response Delivery

In the fast-paced financial world, timely information is crucial. Our TTS technology delivers spoken responses swiftly, keeping pace with the needs of users seeking quick and efficient service.

Zero Compromise on Accuracy

With a focus on delivering precise information, our TTS technology ensures that the spoken content is always accurate, reflecting Salma AI’s commitment to reliability and trust.

Incorporating Salma AI's TTS into your financial services means offering a superior auditory experience that enhances customer interactions, making every digital conversation feel personal and direct.


Admin Platform

Salma AI's Administration Panel is a powerful, intuitive tool designed to empower bank executives and customer service managers to oversee and enhance the Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA) user experience.

This comprehensive admin dashboard provides real-time insights into user interactions, behaviors, and feedback, enabling continuous optimization of the VFA service.

Here's how the Admin Panel sets a new standard in managing customer experience:

Banking Cybersecurity Standards Compliance

Our Admin Panel is engineered to meet the stringent cybersecurity standards prevalent in the banking industry. It incorporates state-of-the-art security measures to protect against cyber threats, ensuring that the VFA operates in a secure digital environment.

Rigorous Data Privacy Regulations Adherence

Recognizing the paramount importance of user data privacy, the Admin Panel is designed in strict adherence to global data protection regulations. This commitment ensures that all user interactions with the VFA are processed, stored, and managed with the utmost respect for privacy, reinforcing trust in digital banking services.

User Behavior Insights

With advanced analytics, the Admin Panel offers a deep dive into how users engage with the VFA, highlighting popular queries, common issues, and user preferences. This data is invaluable for understanding customer needs and tailoring the VFA accordingly.

Experience Optimization

Leveraging the insights gathered, administrators can fine-tune the VFA's responses, adjust its functionalities, and even introduce new features to address user demands better, ensuring a constantly evolving and improving user experience.

Real-Time Monitoring

The Admin Panel allows for the real-time monitoring of interactions, ensuring any issues can be promptly identified and addressed, thereby minimizing disruptions in the VFA service.

Feedback Integration

User feedback is a goldmine for improvement. The Admin Panel facilitates the collection and integration of user feedback, making it a cornerstone of the VFA's development strategy.

Customization and Control

Administrators have the flexibility to customize the VFA's functionalities, from adjusting response templates to setting up new intents, ensuring the assistant remains aligned with the bank's objectives and customer expectations.

Security and Compliance Oversight

The Admin Panel provides tools for monitoring compliance with financial regulations and data protection standards, ensuring that the VFA operates within legal boundaries and maintains the highest levels of data security

Salma AI admin panelSalma AI admin panel screen

By providing a centralized, comprehensive view of the VFA's performance and user interactions, Salma AI's Administration Panel ensures that banks can offer a consistently high-quality, personalized banking experience that meets the evolving needs of their customers.


Virtual Assistant Builder (VAB)

Introducing the Virtual Assistant Builder (VAB) by Salma AI, a transformative no-code/low-code platform designed to revolutionize the way financial institutions engage with their customers.

The VAB empowers organizations to create sophisticated AI-driven conversational experiences that are deeply integrated with the banking ecosystem.

Here’s why the VAB stands out:

Designed for Banking

Developed from the ground up with the banking sector in mind, the VAB incorporates banking-specific functionalities as default features, including branches, ATMs, and geolocation services. This focus ensures that financial institutions can provide comprehensive support and services right out of the box.

No-Code/Low-Code Flexibility

The VAB is accessible to users across the technical spectrum, from banking professionals with no coding experience to seasoned developers. Its intuitive interface allows for the rapid design, development, and deployment of AI conversational experiences without the need for extensive programming.

Maker-Checker Capabilities

The VAB integrates essential banking functionalities like Maker Checker workflows with a sophisticated user authorization matrix, aligning with the stringent security protocols of standard banking applications. This ensures that every action within the VAB meets the highest compliance and security standards.

Intuitive Flow-Building Experience

With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, creating natural and engaging conversational flows has never been easier. This user-friendly design allows for the seamless creation and continuous improvement of AI-driven interactions, making complex conversation designs accessible to all.

No-Code Backend Integration

The VAB simplifies the integration process with backend systems through no-code solutions. It enables direct connection to URLs/APIs, allowing for the swift incorporation of banking services into conversational flows without the need for detailed coding.

Advanced API Integration Flexibility

Beyond simple connections, the VAB is designed to handle complex API structures effortlessly. Whether dealing with parameters, headers, body content, or authorization requirements, the VAB offers the flexibility needed to integrate sophisticated backend services.

Extensive Banking Intents Library

With hundreds of ready-to-use banking-related intents available out of the box, the VAB provides a rich foundation for building AI conversations. These intents cover a wide range of banking queries and transactions, and users can further expand, copy, and create new intents to customize the conversational experience to their specific needs.

Salma AI VAB no-code development screen Salma AI VAB no-code APIs integration screen

The Virtual Assistant Builder by Salma AI represents a leap forward in digital banking, offering an unparalleled tool for creating engaging, efficient, and secure AI-driven conversational experiences. Itis the perfect solution for banks looking to innovate, enhance customer satisfaction, and maintain a competitive edge in the digital era.


On-Premise & On-Cloud Hosting

At Salma AI, we understand the diverse needs and regulatory requirements of the banking industry, especially when it comes to hosting and managing technology solutions.

Our commitment to flexibility and compliance is evident in our comprehensive hosting capabilities, designed to meet the specific needs of every financial institution, whether on-premise, on-cloud, or a hybrid of both.

On-Premise Hosting

For banks that prioritize direct control over their IT infrastructure due to regulatory, security, or data sovereignty concerns, Salma AI offers robust on-premise hosting solutions. Our platform's architecture ensures seamless integration with existing banking systems, maintaining the highest standards of security and performance while allowing banks to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

On-Cloud Hosting

Banks looking to leverage the scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of cloud services can opt for Salma AI's on-cloud hosting. Our cloud solutions provide the agility needed to respond to market changes rapidly, with the reassurance that data management and security practices align with banking regulations. We partner with leading cloud service providers to ensure reliable, secure, and compliant operations.

Hybrid Hosting

Recognizing that some financial institutions may require a blend of both worlds, Salma AI supports hybrid hosting arrangements. This approach allows banks to keep sensitive data and operations on-premise while taking advantage of the cloud's scalability and efficiency for other aspects of their operations. Hybrid hosting offers a balanced solution that accommodates both regulatory compliance and operational agility.

Hosting and OS Independence

Salma AI's technology is designed to be hosting and Operating System (OS) independent, affirming our commitment to versatility and adaptability. Our platform can operate across any system, ensuring that banks can deploy our solutions in their preferred IT environment without compatibility concerns

Salma AI provide on-premise and cloud solutions

Our flexible hosting options underscore Salma AI's dedication to providing banking solutions that not only meet today's needs but are also prepared for the future's demands. By offering on-premise, on-cloud, and hybrid hosting, Salma AI ensures that banks can choose the most suitable deployment strategy that aligns with their operational, regulatory, and security requirements.