The power of AI
Without the risk of AI
Built for banks

Salma AI's Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA) expertly combines AI's cutting-edge capabilities with a deep understanding of consumer banking needs, offering personalized and efficient financial services. It's designed to enhance user experience, providing timely financial advice and support, thereby revolutionizing the way consumers interact with their banks.

Salma AI VFA

Salma AI Virtual Financial Assistant helps you stay on top of your finances

Salma AI's Virtual Financial Assistant (VFA) seamlessly integrates with your banking app to provide comprehensive support, from answering simple inquiries to handling complex financial transactions.

As a genuine personal financial assistant, it ensures users maximize their banking app's

potential, making banking more accessible, personalized, and efficient.

This innovative tool is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern banking customers, offering a smarter way to manage finances with ease and confidence.


The only AI technology stack that is built front-to-back for the banking industry

The Salma AI platform is specifically designed for the banking sector, leveraging AI models trained on an extensive array of banking-specific data. This unique approach ensures that Salma AI achieves unmatched accuracy in understanding and executing banking-related queries and transactions, making it a highly reliable tool for the banking industry.

The platform is built with native enterprise requirements, making it a unique combination of AI technology and compliance ready.    

Detailed Salma AI platform technologies
Salma AI banking domain front-to-back technology stack

Learn More About Salma AI Technologies

AI Tech Stack

Mobile App SDKs

Modular iOS, Android, Huawei and web apps SDKs

AI Tech Stack

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Multi-dialects banking domain trained

AI Tech Stack

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

A language model built to understand banks

AI Tech Stack

Text-To-Speech (TTS)

An AI voice with a human touch

AI Tech Stack

Admin Platform

Banking grade cyber-security portal

AI Tech Stack

Virtual Assistant Builder (VAB)

Integration ready with banking APIs out of the box

AI Tech Stack

Hybrid Hosting

Build once, host anywhere


Banking leaders trust Salma AI to help with their digital transformation

Executives in the banking industry recognize Salma AI’s capacity to facilitate their transition into AI-driven operations.

Salma AI's banking technology is specifically

designed to guide bank executives through their AI transformation journey, offering robust, industry-specific solutions that enhance efficiency, customer service, and operational effectiveness.

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